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If you're an Apple iMac fan, then your time has arrived as the brand new iMac range has been leaked.

The Apple iMac has been long due for a complete redesign. The latest iMac has been virtually unchanged since 2021, and the face of it hasn't received an upgrade since 2008!

Judging by the reports and hints we got from Apple, we were expecting a completely new range of iMac's in 2020, however, that didn't exactly happen. Instead, we were introduced to a new iMac Pro, and a new iMac range that just featured slightly better specs.

However, in the latest news, we learned that a brand new and completely redesigned range of iMac's has been leaked.

And, as expected and hoped for, this new range of 2021 Apple iMac's will feature a completely fresh new look. The front screen has finally received a far thinner bezel, so thin that there is no room for even an Apple logo! The new rage will also feature a newly designed stand that, judging by the looks, won't have the ability to rotate the screen vertically or raise the height, but the standard tilting feature will remain.

Furthermore, the new lineup will feature 5 to 6 different colour offerings, the same finishes you can find of the latest generation iPads, such as silver, black, green, blue, pink and possibly a deep red as well.

As for the specs, it is likely that the entire range will feature 5K resolution, and of course, the brand new Apple M1 silicon chipset.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Zone of Tech, on the New iMac & Mac Pro 2021 Leaked.

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