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A new patent is hinting at the future possibility of a double-sided screen from Samsung. We have seen some of their crazy patents making the rounds on the wonderful web, from flexible screens, palm-reading phones and collapsible ones too. The Korean telephone manufacturer looks set to create a display that wraps around the entire smartphone.

Samsung applied for the patent last year, but it was only recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent describes three variants, all with a display on the back of the device. The first shows a Samsung phone with two displays, which run completely around the model. A metal frame is visible only at the top and bottom. 

The smartphone will feature sensors to measure how the phone is held, showing content accordingly when the phone is flipped. Although the display completely extends over the rear, only the upper part can be used as a touchscreen. The reason for this is because of the hand position of the phone, one example of usage includes allowing users to decline calls when their phone is face down on a surface. Another shows an incoming message which the user can see and open. There are also options to access emails, photo gallery and other applications such as the weather app.

The third Samsung shows a screen that does not go through the horizontal axis to the rear but through the vertical axis.

What do you think of these patents? Let us know below.

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