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Take a listen to what another planet sounds like! Here is the actual recorded sound of Venus from the Russian Venera 14 spacecraft.

Back in 1981, the Russian space program launched two identical rockets, Venera 13 and 14, five days apart. They carried a payload that consisted of one probe each that were specially designed to touchdown on the surface of our neighbouring planet, Venus, to gather data.

Each probe was equipped with a state of the art camera and microphone (for the time), which would transmit data back to Earth to help scientists understand the hostile planet.

In the sound recording, you can hear precisely the moment when the Venera 14 probe touched down on the surface of Venus, and a few moments after, you can clearly hear the camera's lens cap pop off with the help of pyrotechnics. Then after that, you hear drilling and the capture of rocks from the surface. Eventually, the sounds of the alien planet itself, which consists of subtle wind noises and static, can be heard.

The Venera missions were, without a doubt, a milestone in space exploration and scientific discoveries.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, V101 Science, on This Is What The Surface Of Venus Sounds Like! Venera 14 Sound Recording 1982 (4K UHD).

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