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Microsoft is releasing a new interface the ‘Surface Hub 2’, which it’s touting as the future of collaborative working.

So how do you do something revolutionary with, at first glance, a simple screen with a smart board stylus? Clearly, none of the ideas behind of the Surface Hub 2 are completely new, it’s success comes in creating these features with a fluid intuitive interface that streamlines office tasks.

The screen has a sophisticated computer behind its pixels and can essentially be described as a gigantic tablet meant to fit wherever space allows. The Surface Hub can be attached to the wall or an easel or be combined with multiple screens to create one massive surface.

As you can see in the video below, the screen gracefully slides from horizontal to vertical position for various occasions. This allows for a much improved virtual meeting solution, creating more meaningful global interactions.

Video chatting on the Surface Hub 2, in portrait mode, is a revelation. Conceptually, it's similar to holding your phone in portrait mode during a video call, just at a much larger scale. In practice, that larger scale means people appear life-sized on the Surface Hub 2 as if you're beaming them into your office. Naturally, the experience is best if that other person is also running a Hub 2 and one of its 4K cameras. But it'd be useful even with a typical webcam or phone camera.

In a world where every problem seems to need a creative solution, the Surface Hub 2 could be suitable almost anywhere.

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