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The majority of the human race has dreamed of being a policeman or a superhero but, as a kid, Cameron Smith dreamed of becoming an astronaut – unfortunately, his eyesight kept him out of the pilot's seat. Now he is an anthropologist in Portland, Oregon, where he spent the last decade building a fully functional homemade space suit.

Smith is an explorer by nature, he is not an astronaut or engineer but he has been diving in Puget Sound, survived arctic winters in Ireland and Alaska, and summited Oregon's Mount Hood more times than he can count. 

Smith does not have an entire space program behind him so, by designing the suit himself, it means it is on the cheap. His homemade spacesuit costs $2,000. A standard suit from NASA runs about $12 million.

Smith's spacesuit has been three years in the making and, eventually, Smith will go on an adventure with the suit. He will step into a gondola and a balloon (which is also homemade) that will take him 50,000 feet in the air. At that point, he will be depending on his own craftiness to keep himself alive. 

You can hear more about Smith's DIY spacesuit in the video below: 

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