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So a couple of months back we were introduced to a whole new and exciting Age Of Empires which is the fourth in the series. The all-new Age Of Empires IV has now officially been released and we get out first look at the actual gameplay footage, what the campaigns are like and of course the new and improved graphics.

However, the previous Age Of Empires, being Age Of Empires III was released way back in 2005 so it has been long due! However, with that said, Microsoft Studios released Age Of Empires Definitive Edition only just over a year ago in 2020 that featured 4K graphics support, better graphics and a few extra upgraded bits and bobs here and there that really gave the game a modern and fresh look and feel and brought it back to a game of today's standards, however, it was still the same old game.

Now, Age Of Empires IV has completely regained its diehard Ago Of Empires fans who have been craving a good strategy empire battle and they now need to wait no more!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: IGN on the Age Of Empires IV Review...

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