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The Airdrop equivalent for Android devices is finally coming.

Apple's remote sharing application, called Airdrop, has been one of those features that subtly make Andriod users slightly green with envy. The feature requires no NFC (near-field communication) or InfraRed connectivity to work, but rather uses either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the user can send to any other Apple device, from a phone to a Mac, tablet, or any other that supports Airdrop.

Android has announced that they will integrate a new feature that will practically do exactly the same as Apple's Airdrop. Although not confirmed, it is likely that Android will call this feature Nearby Sharing, and it will work in a similar way to Apple's Airdrop in the sense that it will work by making use of Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth. The Android Nearby Sharing feature will stand alone and look like a standard app on the device, but will be integrated into the operating system and work across a variety of third party applications.

As far as privacy goes, the user will have the ability to make their shared files available to anyone in close range, just people in their contact list or individual people (devices).

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Android "Airdrop" is Finally Rolling Out.

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