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Apple has always been one of those companies that fully support the interest of their own digital eco-system in the sense that each and every product must preferably be used by an Apple device whether it is using iTunes to backup your iPhone or using Apple Music to steam your favourite content, but that mindset simply doesn't work in the greater picture for Apple as you're essentially blocking out potential future Apple customers from adopting or even testing one of your products.

Apple has released many versions of their software for other operating systems in the past and for good measure, but their recent decision to allow Android users to support Apple AirTags is for a completely different reason altogether...

The Apple AirTags were designed for people to keep track of their personal items such as a backpack or even a bunch of keys, however, it wasn't long until people started using them for the wrong reasons and, for example, started placing them in cars that they intended to steal at a more convenient time and the AirTag was a great help to this. But Android owners couldn't even detect whether or not an AirTag was being used to track their car.

So Apple now supports Find My and live AirTag tracking for Android to try to combat this.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Apple AirTags Now Support Android...

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