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The brand new Apple AirTags have just been launched, and will open up a whole new world of tech possibilities. Here, we have a look at the unboxing of the original product, and how exactly they work.

During their 2021spring product launch, Apple revealed some exciting new products. These include the next generation of Apple iMac, the new iPad Pro, A purple iPhone addition, an Apple Podcast update, a new Apple TV 4K, as well as Apple AirTags.

The Apple AirTag is a relatively simple device from Apple that allows the user to track them via the Find My app on the iPhone. People can now attach an AirTag on a bunch of keys via an Apple keyring, on their pet's collar, and even on other Apple devices such as an iPad.

If someone misplaces their device, pet or keys, they will be easily findable thanks to the AirTags.

The Apple AirTag packaging is a rather small and simple box, with no Apple stickers or additional accessories besides some paperwork and the AirTag itself. When you remove the protective plastic from the AirTag, be careful not to rush it. The last little bit you pull off will connect the preinstalled battery to the AirTag and turn it on. Be sure to have your iPhone nearby before doing this.

When ready, you can go ahead and pull off the plastic around the AirTag. It will turn on automatically and indicate that it's ready to be installed by notifying you with a sound. Place the AirTag close to your iPhone and you'll automatically get a notification on your iPhone indicating that it is connected and ready for install. You will then proceed to add it to your Apple ID and give the AirTag a name, usually choose a name that matches the device you want to tag, such as Backpack or Keys.

Then you're good to go!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Marques Brownlee, on the Apple AirTags Unboxing And Demo!

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