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Date: 2018-09-19

Not many people will get their hands on the new iPhone XS until who knows when, however, a fortunate few got early access.

This has luckily led to the first unboxing video of Apple's new flagship smartphone. They offer quick, hands-on overviews of the iPhone XS Max and smaller iPhone XS for people who just can't wait until they get one themselves.

Marques Brownlee has made a career of reviewing products on YouTube, so of course, he filmed an iPhone XS unboxing video:

As he discovers, there's no last-minute surprise with Apple giving up its old USB-A charger. "I was kind of hoping by 2018 we could get either a fast charger in the box or a USB C to lightning charger or, or both. But we get neither of those things," said Brownlee.

And he had another disappointment. "Confirmed: no headphone jack dongle in the box of the iPhone XS." To be clear, this is not Brownlee's full review of the iPhone XS, just his unboxing video.

He quickly runs through the setup process and spends a few minutes talking about the specifications.

However, Morrison’s real emphasis is on comparing the new iPhone XS with last year’s iPhone X. He runs Geekbench 4 on both, with the new model scoring 10850 on the multi-core portion, compared to the iPhone X’s 10284. The single-core scores were 4805 and 4263, respectively. On the Compute section of Geekbench 4, the XS scored hugely better: 21524 vs. 14964.

For some reason, it didn’t occur to Morrison to also benchmark the iPhone XS Max.

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