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Apple launched the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar not too long ago. From the demonstrations in Apple's adverts, it looked like one of the most useful gimmicks ever added to a Mac! But recently, Apple confirmed that it will be removing the Touch Bar from all future MacBook Pro's, but why is that exactly?

The Touch Bar was added to the Apple MacBook Pro range in 2016, and featured a thin touch-sensitive strip above the main keyboard. This allowed users to customise a variety of different controls and features, such as volume, play and pause settings, screen brightness, apps, emoji's and so much more.

But the problem that Apple realised is that most people didn't use the touch bar to its full ability. For the most part, they just used its default configuration, so it didn't become a feature that most people found essential. Thus, Apple has now decided to remove it entirely.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel:, Later Clips, on The Next Apple MacBook Will Cancel This Feature...

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