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Here is the latest update of what we can expect from the new Apple Glasses.

When Google released their smart eyewear called Google Glass in 2013, they were without a doubt ahead of their time. But, the biggest issue was that they couldn't explain to people why they needed to invest in them, not to mention that the price was excessive at $1,500.

Apple has been hinting towards releasing a set of smart glasses as well, but their approach will be far different from what Google released. Apple takes privacy very seriously, and won't include a camera in their glasses like Google did. However, in order for the Glasses to make use of augmented reality – which is the main purpose of smart glasses – they need some sort of camera. So, Apple will turn to the same tech that has been included in the new iPhone 12, a LiDAR scanner.

There is a lot of speculation around when this Apple product will be released, and it is estimated that the Apple glasses could hit shelves anywhere between 2021 to 2023.

Take a look at the YouTube channel, News Think, on Here Is The Latest Update To What We Can Expect From The New Apple Glasses.

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