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Apple introduced a revolutionary charger adapter way back in 2006 that they called MagSafe and the idea was to provide users with a completely new charging experience on their Macbook devices that would serve as a safer way to charge a device in the event that a user was to trip over the power cable and potentially damage their Macbooks or worse, injure themselves!

The MagSafe connector charges the laptop via an electronic port that is held together via magnets that can easily pop on and off. But then in 2017, Apple discontinued the MagSafe idea altogether in the hopes that new USB Type-C connectors would take off and then that could potentially limit the amount and types of ports required on a Macbook.

But now in the latest Apple Keynote MagSafe has been reintroduced! And the reason for this is that the good-old MagSafe charger has proven to be a lot of time effective, safe, convenient and affordable than other methods which is why the latest Macbook Pro M1's have MagSafe chargers once again.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on Apple MagSafe Is Back - What You Need To Know...

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