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Apple includes fast charger cables for all iPhones, exclusively for the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

Earlier on this year, Apple announced that they will no longer be including Apple charger cables with their new iPhones. Their reasoning and explanation for this was to minimise environmental waste and, over time, Apple consumers accepted it and agreed.

However, this didn't fly with the Brazilian state of São Paulo. They argued the fact that, if consumers need to purchase a new Apple fast charger cable, they will not only have to purchase this at additional costs, but it's also a new product that comes with more packaging which, in turn, is worse for industrial waste. The governing officials of São Paulo demanded Apple includes a charger cable with their new iPhones. Apple was overruled and will now be shipping iPhones to the state of São Paulo with a charger cable.

This whole story made headline news in Brazil and sparked interest in many more states in the country as well. Although not confirmed yet, there is a high possibility of Apple having to supply the whole of Brazil with iPhones with charger cables.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Apple Facing Problems In Brazil.

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