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Apple has released their brand new headphones, which they call the Apple AirPods Max, and cost $549.

Apple has been hinting at releasing a new product just before the 2020 Christmas holidays, and they wasted no time on the reveal!

Apple has officially introduced their new product called the AirPods Max, which are a pair of exclusive headphones.

The Apple AirPods Max features:

  1. Apple-designed dynamic driver
  2. Active Noise Cancellation
  3. Transparency mode
  4. Adaptive EQ
  5. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking
  6. Optical sensor (each ear cup)
  7. Position sensor (each ear cup)
  8. Case-detect sensor (each ear cup)
  9. Accelerometer (each ear cup)
  10. Gyroscope (left ear cup)
  11. Eight microphones for Active Noise Cancellation
  12. Three microphones for voice pickup (two shared with Active Noise Cancellation and one additional microphone)
  13. Apple H1 headphone chip (each ear cup)

The Apple AirPods Max are undoubtedly a brilliant and appealing set of high-end headphones with some exciting and innovative tech, and is even customisable with emoji engraving. But there is one major problem, and that's the price.

Apple launched this product just in time for your annual Christmas gift shopping spree, but this begs the question, would you pay $50 more for a set of Apple AirPods Max over an Xbox Series X or PS5? We don't think so.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Jonathan Morrison, on $549 AirPods Max Impressions: Has Apple Lost Their Minds?

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