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The Apple iPad Pro is just shy of being a replacement for an Apple MacBook, but with the Apple Magic Keyboard, you might just get there.

The Apple iPad Pro is an exceptional tablet, to say the least. Apple introduced the functionality of an Apple Magic Mouse with its latest generation iPad Pro, which aided in the ease of use in more complex applications available for the Apple iPad Pro. It also makes it one step closer to an Apple MacBook, the only thing that was missing was a keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is simply a thin, foldable case for the iPad Pro, which folds out to become both a magnetised stand and fully functional keyboard. It also connects via Bluetooth, which means no cable system is required to get you typing.

The Apple Magic Keyboard also has a trackpad-operated mouse, the same way your Apple MacBook has. The Apple Magic Keyboard is the complete solution for your Apple iPad Pro in how it acts, both as a protective cover as well as a fully functional keyboard and mouse.

The Apple Magic Keyboard will be available in two sizes. The smaller Keyboard will be sold for $300, and the larger version going for $350.

Take a look at the video below by YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, as he reviews the brand new Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.

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