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Apple plans to dominate Google with their very own search engine.

For many years, critics argued the fact that Apple apparently takes as many security precautions as possible and ensures the best online safety for its users. But, when an Apple user wants to browse the net, regardless of which Apple device they use, as soon as they open Safari they are presented with Google which, we all know, simply loves your personal data and essentially know an uncomfortable amount about you!

However, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that Apple is working on some sort of search engine. This first came into the spotlight due to their increasing demand for search engine engineers, specialists and developers. In these Apple job offers, the description makes it very clear that Apple is working on something big in the search engine business.

And, if Apple released their own fully integrated search engine, it could devastate the unrivalled path Google has been on for over two decades.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on The Apple Search Engine To Rival Google.

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