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Date: 2018-11-01

With all the recent Apple news that's making its way around the Internet, Apple decided to add a drunk emoji to the mix, cause why not.

When it comes to software update, an iOS update usually means more emoji, and iOS 12.1 is no different. As noted by Emojipedia, if you account for all the skin and gender variations, there are 158 new tiny icons coming to an iPhone near you, including lettuce, a badger and a disembodied leg. That seems cool but except for emoji No. 5 on that list, "Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth aka 'Woozy Face.'"

Woozy Face is just a polite way of saying "my dudes, I am absolutely sh*tfaced."

In the near future, at 2am, this is the emoji that will slide up next to you, or even into your DMs, trying to make conversation, and promptly spill a beer in your hair. This emoji will puke in your cab and make you cover the cleaning fee because they "just don’t believe in cash, man." This emoji thinks fireballs are an acceptable birthday shot.

This update will also see long-awaited emojis for redheads, bald people and curly-haired people will also feature, as well as a pirate flag for when you torrent Game Of Thrones next year.

Apple Will Be Getting A Drunk Emoji 2

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