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Apple's AirPods have surprised fans in a lot of ways, despite early worries, they stay put firmly in your ears, and are surprisingly easy to use compared to the hassle of Bluetooth – tap them once against your iPhone, and they are paired.

Even though they do not come cheap at $160, it is still affordable as some wireless earbuds easily start at $300. Most of all they've been a surprise hit, Apple did not even seem prepared for just how many people would want to buy them; they were forced to speed up their supply chain this past summer as they still weren't meeting latent demand.

Now, Apple wants to make a pair of headphones that sound a whole lot more like the HomePod, creating noise-cancelling, wireless, over-the-ear headphones that may hit store shelves by the holiday season, likely using the W2 to create the same seamless pairing user experience you get with the AirPod and the HomePod. No word on what the final price on these would be, though high-end, noise-cancelling headphones usually start at $300 and can easily hit $500 or higher.

So, what, exactly, will Apple call its mysterious new high-end headphone? Our suggestion: HeadPods. (Apple, you can find our details online if you want to talk further.)

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