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Apple has yet again reinvented a more convenient touch ID for mobile device security.

The concept of putting in a password or using some sort of biometrics scanner to unlock your mobile device dates back far before the iPhone, but in typical Apple style, they seemed to have perfected it.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 with a fingerprint scanner which they called Touch ID, which worked incredibly well... in most cases. It would struggle to identify the user if your finger was slightly wet or if you had grease on your finger. Then, after several tries, the iPhone gives up and asked you to unlock your iPhone with the pin code.

But, in 2017, Apple got rid of the home button completely on the iPhone, so there was no place to put a fingerprint scanner or Touch ID. That was okay though because they introduced facial recognition, which lasted a couple of years. But now, thanks to COVID-19, users realised wearing a face mask rendered facial recognition rather useless for the most part.

So, yet again, Apple has gone to work and now have officially patented a new type of biometric technology. It is based around Touch ID, but you can touch anywhere on the screen to activate it!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Rene Richie, on iPhone 12 Touch ID.

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