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To this day, the Apple iPod was still the best selling product Apple has ever made. It marked as a milestone in not only Apple's history with the return of the original co-founder of the company Steve Jobs but rather the tech and music industry as a whole. It was largely thanks to the format of the iPod that we are now able to stream and digitally listen to music on demand.

After the iPod Classic, Apple started investigating iPod Classic alternatives such as the iPod Mini, iPod Touch as well as the iPod Shuffle. The Shuffle was designed to be a far more cost-effective, compact and simple iPod aimed and marketed to those who don't want to carry around a massive iPod with their entire music library on it and to be used at the gym or playing sports.

The iPod Shuffle was a huge hit, but then Apple designed an entirely strange iPod Shuffle that has no buttons whatsoever and is controlled purely by voice commands:

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: 91 Tech on The Strangest Apple iPod Ever - iPod Shuffle 2 In 2021...

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