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This incredible fully autonomous robot will automatically disinfect spaces like a warehouse from bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Over recent times, the need for hygiene and sanitizing products have hit an all-time high, predominantly due to 2020 coming to a standstill thanks to a global pandemic.

This has pushed technology towards new ways to safely disinfect spaces like shopping malls, grocery stores and warehouses, especially as countries start opening up their borders to import and export trade.

A recent technological invention has surfaced, a fully autonomous robot that uses UVC lights to disinfect an area. It is capable of neutralizing virus particles in an area of 4,000 square feet in just half an hour. This technology has endless possibilities and there are plans of producing smaller versions that are suited to operate in hospitals and healthcare facilities, shops and more in the near future.

Some wonder why the need for such advanced technology now, but the fact of the matter is what about next time we enter an epidemic crisis? And even in more normal times, extra hygiene practices will never go unappreciated.

Take a look at the tech review video below by YouTube channel, LaterCLips, on This Autonomous Robot That Cleans Your Space.

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