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Motorised precision robot cameras capture video like never before.

With the demand of advertising clients wanting footage never seen before, and far better than what their competition is using, the amalgamation between art and science has never worked more closely. In this case, film-makers and mechatronic, electronic and mechanical engineers create camera systems and rigs that capture footage never seen before, and that is all made possible with camera robots.

A filmmaking and advertising company called, The Marmalade, have been using and perfecting the concept of mixing the analogue filming world with the digital, with the use of camera robots for some time already. They developed a camera called "Spike", which was essentially a car-manufacturing robotic arm with a fancy camera attached to the end of it. What The Marmalade realised quickly was that the footage that they were able to capture was out of this world.

Camera robots are able to capture smooth and extremely precise shots that no human is capable of producing. All that is required to use and operate a camera robot is a bit of programming of the camera moves with the use of some fancy software and a good dose of creativity.

Take a look at the video below by Marques Brownlee on Camera Robots.

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