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Can you actually game on a cheap wireless keyboard, or will it negatively affect your gaming experience?

Wireless keyboards have come a long way since they were introduced and, even back then, they were never a viable option for gamers. But, how do the entry-level cheap wireless keyboards hold up today with their technological improvements, as well as the games played on them?

Well, a Keyboard is relatively basic in what it's designed to do, and cheap keyboards usually function perfectly well. But, the defining factor of whether or not to game with them has a lot to do with personal preferences and feedback.

The number one most important factor with wireless keyboards is their input delay rating, which is the time delay between pushing the button to having the input displayed on the screen. With wireless systems, it is usually longer than wired alternatives. Secondly, you want to take into consideration how the keyboard feels to type and input on. Usually, for gamers, they prefer keys with a longer travel and audible click, so they know exactly how and what is being inputted as they game.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on Can You Game On A Cheap Wireless Keyboard?

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