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Nvidia's latest gaming GOUs were unveiled, and are designed for professionals and with a focus on ray tracing.

Nvidia has been teasing and teasing, but now they have finally announced their next line of consumer, gaming-focused GPUs. The Turing Architecture was revealed a few weeks ago when Nvidia launched their latest Quadro card, which they market with its Real-Time Ray-Tracing capabilities.

Prefixed with the RTX tag, this was the first product that Nvidia announced for their new venture, after making a big bid on real-time ray-tracing earlier this year. But that’s a $10,000 card, and not even close to something you’d want in your desktop for gaming. There’s still a lot of information that isn’t quite yet locked down well enough to take as fact.

Nvidia clearly wants consumers to know that their next focus is ray-tracing, so much so that the cards are possibly capable of dealing with the massive performance overhead that will be able to be identifiable on the box itself. You can expect hardware partners to put out their own versions of both these cards (many of which have been leaked), but we’ll see if Nvidia choose to go ahead again with its first-party Founder’s Edition line, which are factory overclocked out of the box, and are designed with better cooling systems and fancier shells.

There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re really into PC hardware and the like. Preorders are now open, with the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti setting you back US$999, the 2080 will cost $699, and the 2070 starts at $499. The Founders Editions of each, respectively, cost $1,199, $799 and $599. The RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 are due to launch on September 20, while the RTX 2070 will follow in October.

You can take a look at the specs of this legend, in the video below:

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