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Rockstar Games is about to launch a new Red Dead Redemption game, so it is expected that GTA 6 will make its way to the gaming scene soon.

With GTA 5 being labelled as the most profitable game to date, the fans of the game are looking forward to its successor. Video game enthusiasts are making guesses about the GTA 6's location and here are the top 5 so far:

  1. Vice City
    Roaming around with Tommy Vercetti conveys the memories of anybody who has played the original GTA game before. Who wouldn’t want to spread chaos in the Malibu Club in the modern age?

    However, Rockstar has confessed in previous interviews that Miami – which is Vice City in the video game – was particularly iconic during that age. It even went as far as stating that it would feel “strange” to be there in the contemporary age.

  2. Carcer City
    In case you aren’t familiar with Carcer City, you can recall this location if you played Rockstar’s Manhunt on PlayStation2. If you haven’t played this game, it is a perfect location for some really wicked acts.

    It is also worth noting that this is particularly interesting since the city is referenced by Michael in GTA 5. While driving, Michael brings up the first robbery he ever pulled off in 1988 on the borders of the Carcer City.

  3. Cape Town
    Cape Town has wealth as well as world-class gang principles mixed with poverty. Visualise that you’re playing as a gangster from the Cape Flats who wanted more for himself in the upper levels of the felonious world. Pollsmoor prison can even make an appearance.

    GTA fans have been insistent to bring the game series to a remote country for years now. You can picture those American gamers making an effort to articulate the various South African names. This would be a real classic to see!

  4. London
    London has been the most demanded new location for GTA 6 in the past few years. Maybe it is because the gang culture is still noticeable in numerous parts of London. Aside from that, the chance is also there to climb out of the gang realm and the level of white-collar criminality.

    Instigating the missions by a one-on-one in a London Eye pod, or climbing up the Big Ben appeals intensely to the GTA fans. Rockstar Games has experimented with this location before and is completely mindful of how many magnificent layers this city can offer.

  5. St Petersburg
    Can you imagine GTA set in Russia with everything that’s presently happening there might be really appealing to the video game’s fans.

    Niko Bellic can offer the gamers a taste of the “Eastern European” GTA atmospheres, the temptation of political assassinations, exploitation, and the KGB would surely entice every gamer around the world.

    In case you wanted somewhere that’s immensely related in the present criminal timeframe, then Russia is the right place. Setting GTA 6 in Russia could also provide Rockstar with the opportunity to finally bring back the leading character from a previous video game.

These are the possible locations where GTA 6 might be set. Can you think of better locations for the upcoming GTA 6 from Rockstar?

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