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Take a look at this crazy, once-off built water-cooled gaming chair.

The concept of water-cooling has been around for at least two decades in the PC gaming community, with hundreds of different products and accessories to choose from to drastically cool down your gaming rig system.

But the argument is, what about the gamer? YouTube tech channel, Linus Tech Tips, reviewed the once-off concept water-cooled gaming chair! But, if the concept works, it's beneficial and perhaps there is a market for them, so why don't they exist?

In the video, Linus explains that the water-cooled gaming char system consists of a 700w power unit, an EK custom water pump and reservoir combo unit, and a 300w chiller unit. Together, the system is more than capable of cooling down the heat from an average human.

The entire system had to be modified with the help of 3D printing to work as efficiently as possible to, first of all, cool down a chair and not a PC rig, and secondly, be able to run for multiple hours consistently per day without fail.

After some thorough testing with thermal cameras, the water cooled chair averaged out to be around 3.5 degrees C cooler than a normal gaming chair.

However, as good as this might sound, why not just switch on the AC?

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on The Ultimate Water Cooled Gaming Chair.

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