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Delta Airlines has signed a new deal with AT&T and Apple, intended to make the jobs of all their 19,000 flight attendants easier.

Delta’s SVP of Inflight Service, Allison Ausband, describes this new deal: “Our flight attendants are the finest professionals taking to the skies day in and day out, so when we were looking for outstanding products that meet the Delta standard, Apple and AT&T were top of mind. This relationship is a step toward the future of a more connected and human onboard experience.”

The reason for giving each flight attendant of Delta Airlines an iPhone 12 is not just a bonus and a perk of the job. Delta intends to have their flight attendants make use of the iPhone 12's camera and augmented reality to quickly locate where food items are stowed without having to open a door. Furthermore, there are training courses constantly being updated with new policies and regulations, and having attendants physically attend these courses is costly and time-consuming. Now, the courses will be made available through a mobile app that is preloaded on the Delta iPhone 12's.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Every Flight Attendant Gets an iPhone 12...

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