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Elon Musk is without a doubt one of the most successful human beings to have ever lived and it seems as if any project he starts makes its way to becoming the leader in any particular industry. However, we have to realize that it is no easy task and countless hours, dedication, frustration and failure has to go into it before it becomes a success.

But even though a brand and company such as Tesla seem to be one of the most innovative and brilliant companies in a given industry, mistakes are still made.

Elon Musk now faces a heavy $15 Billion tax bill apparently due to tax avoidance and is currently playing around with ideas of how to resolve this issue.

In one of Elon Musk's latest Tweets he started a pole that asked his followers: "Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock. Do you support this?

The current outcome of this pole is 57.9% - Yes and 42.1% - No.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Elon Musk Is Selling Billions Of Tesla Stock...

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