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This employee conducted an experiment, what if he were to prerecord his video meetings for a week? Amazingly, no one found out!

In the middle of 2020, we found ourselves in a pretty interesting situation, with more and more businesses operating from home if they have the means to do so. This can usually go one of two ways, either employees will slack and not perform to the best of their ability, or they acknowledge the privilege of working from home and continue to work optimally. But, during a global pandemic, some businesses have no other option than to operate remotely.

Working from home usually involves online forms of communication and even digital video meetings, usually with the help of Skype or Zoom services.

An employee from the media company, CNET, decided to conduct an experiment for his new video project by prerecording his digital video meetings and have them play out during an actual online conference. He then prerecorded one hours worth of footage that consisted of gestures, questions and answers which he could then just playback at the required times.

Although he ran into a few continuity issues here and there, he managed to pull it off for a week with no one noticing!

Take a look at the experiment in the video below by YouTube channel, CNET.

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