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The state of Pennsylvania has imposed the very first law around the use of Apple AirTags in the hopes to cut down on the criminal use of Apple AirTags.

Since Apple first released the Apple AirTag in April of 2021, people found amazing ways to track their possessions that would otherwise have been seriously problematic if that item were to go missing such as car keys, handbags, backpacks and even pets. However, in the same breath, people have been using this Apple technology for more malicious reasons such as tracking cars without the owner's consent and even tracking people for that matter which is outright illegal.

Although Apple didn't invent stalking behaviour, their AirTags offer an affordable and really easy way to do so.

The state of Pennsylvania has become the first state to impose a law on Apple AirTags whereby they demand that if a user were to find an AirTag that is not their's hidden within their belongings or in their car, Apple will give the local authorities access to the data of where the AirTag is being tracked from. This data was previously secured by Apple.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on the First Law Imposed On Apple AirTags...

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