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Adobe has finally decided to kill off Flash once and for all. Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari have all been blocking Flash over the past year, but Adobe is planning to remove support for it fully by the end of 2020. There is a number of gaming platforms, education, and video sites that still use Flash, and Adobe says it remains committed to supporting the technology until 2020 alongside partners like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Microsoft says it plans to remove Flash by default in Edge and Internet Explorer in mid to late 2019, with full removal from all supported versions of Windows in 2020. Apple is also supported on the 2020 end of life for Flash and Safari currently requires explicit approval on each website even when Mac users opt to install Flash. 

2020 will mark the end of an era for Flash, but one that feels like it has been a long time coming. HTML5 standard has been improving and implemented across all modern web browsers so this means that the need for flash just is not there anymore. 

An end to Flash will bring with it obvious improvements in security and just pure battery life on laptops and other mobile devices that still support the web technology.

Check out the video below for more!

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