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To discover new music is definitely something all of us surfing the internet on a daily basis needs and now Google announced a new feature titled New Release Radio. The concept is simple, it analyses your personal taste and introduces you to new music based on those tastes. 

Google has taken personalization and applied it to the discovery of new music. Some users have actually had access to New Release Radio for quite some time now. Thanks to Google's partnership with Samsung, a number of Samsung users served as early adopters for the latest feature. Now that the early access to the platform has been tested and has gotten feedback, it has gathered enough information so the rest of us get to try out this feature. 

It is certainly a strategic move from Google, who has seen that its competitors double down on the discovery aspect of music. The New Release Radio is found throughout Google Play Music or if you want a more direct way to access the feature, simply search "New Release Radio". 

New Release Radio is available to all Google Play Music users, so whether you are a free radio listener or a paying subscriber, you will be able to take full advantage of the new feature. The station will update itself daily, so you will always have something new to listen to. 

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