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Google has announced that their latest feature Backup and Sync is now available for both Windows and Mac and essentially it will ensure the backup and saving of important documents, photos and more. The Google Backup and Sync is a one-stop solution for saving files associated with Google Drive or Google Photos. 

Users now have to power to sync anything with Google's Backup and Sync; whether it is photos, videos from cameras, SD cards and USB devices instead of their files remaining stick in one place. This is all done automatically, once the user signs up for the service, files and photos will continually backup. One of the benefits of this is that all these backed up files and photos can then be accessed from any device associated with the Google account the user originally logged in with. 

Google's Backup and Synd app comes in two different formats, Backup and Sync (Drive) or Backup and Sync (Photos), so whatever the user chooses to backup, Google Photos can be used for all those images you have storing on a PC or Mac somewhere, or Google Drive which pretty much backups everything, including photos. 

You can download Google's Backup and Sync here



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