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Human augmentation start-up company, Vicara, has created a device called Kai. A smart wristband that lets you interact with digital devices by tracking your hand and finger gestures.

The gadget is aimed at increasing productivity drastically and features gesture-based computer interaction technology that is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including laptops, mobile phones, televisions, VR and AR devices as well as drones.

Vicara's minimal, portable and highly effective device uses an inbuilt finger/hand tracking technology instead of an external camera, freeing users from the need to keep arms visible and, under certain light conditions, required from camera recognition. Once the device is connected, Kai can be used for presentation as a pointer or to switch slides, draw and zoom in/out as well as for switching between channels and adjusting the volume of your TV.

Additionally, the device can also be used as a standalone controller in VR, gaming and drones, while it is compatible with all applications in Mac, Windows and Linux laptops.

Kai comes with its own special developing-kits in order to help users integrate the device with other projects, including Kai SDK; which allows one to create gesture profiles for desktop software with API deep level integration. The device features include a battery that lasts up to eight hours and users can choose between four colours: black, white, blue and red.

Check out Vicara's Kai device in action below.

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