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A lot of parents do not want their kids spending too much time on their smartphones, but this device can help limit kids screen-time.

TechDen is essentially a lockable station that can store and charge two Apple or Android devices at once, and it can accommodate tablets up to 10.5 inches in screen size.

Using an Android/iOS app, a parent is able to schedule a daily window of time in which each of the TechDen's two doors is automatically unlocked, letting either of two children access their device. Within those windows, the parents set a maximum amount of allowable screen time – child's smartphone might be accessible from 6 pm to 8 pm, for instance, although they are only allowed to use the device for a total of 30 minutes within that set time.

On-screen notifications let the child know how much time they have left in each session, the app also allows parents to check their own smartphone to see how long each child's device is used for. The app also tracks how often the child returns their device to the TechDen once their screen-time limit is up. After a certain number of on-time returns, they will be able to claim previously-agreed-upon reward (such as getting ice-cream) from their parents.

The TechDen is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and is estimated at a $199 retail price.

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