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Rather than saying "add new buttons" the following screen-protector rather "moves" the buttons on your iPhone – purely because one of the biggest differences between an iPhone and the Android/Windows Phone experience is its layout of elements.

While the Android experience gives you three core controls at the bottom (back, home, task manager), the iOS experience doesn’t. For an iOS user to go backward, they need to reach all the way to the top left corner of the screen… something no thumb is capable of reaching while you grip the phone from its base. Operating an iPhone therefore with one hand isn’t as easy as an Android or a Windows phone.

That’s where Nombiss does a bit of magic with its tempered glass screen protector. Built with invisible circuitry, the Intelli+ screen protector turns the areas to the left and right side of your iPhone home button into touch-sensitive zones, letting you tap places at the top corners of your iPhone screen by simply touching the base of the phone.

It’s kind of magical to look at and may require getting the hang of (given it’s such a UX overhaul), but the Intelli+ does promise to put less strain on your thumb and work your phone without having to access those hard-to-reach corners.

It also gives your phone’s screen complete protection letting it sit under a layer of tempered glass (while absolutely keeping its capacitive circuitry invisible). The only disadvantage? It doesn’t work while your phone is in landscape mode.

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