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Early in 2021, Apple hosted their Spring Loaded event, releasing some incredible new Apple products. They included the Apple AirTags, which are a little tracker that you can connect to pretty much anything you like, such as a backpack, handbag or your bunch of keys. Then, if you misplace the item, you can easily find it with help from the Find My app.

However, a fashion company based in the heart of Paris called Hermes, made a deal with Apple to repackage and rebrand the Apple AirTags, to give it a bit of their flavour.

What we end up with are the most expensive Apple AirTags you can possibly buy... at a price of $349 each!

In the lovely designed box, you'll find your usual Apple paperwork and instructions for the Apple AirTag, a Hermes designed leather AirTag pouch, a keyring and the Apple AirTag itself which has a Hermes logo on it.

So is the Hermes AirTag worth it? Absolutely not! But if you're already spending $1,125 on a Hermes t-shirt, then yeah, why not get one...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, The Everyday Dad, on The Most Expensive Apple AirTag Hermes - Unboxing And Impression!

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