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Pedometers play a vital role in many people's lives in recent years with practically every smartphone featuring one.

Pedometers aid in athletes being able to track how long a distance they have covered when training and even more specifically how many steps. They have also proven to be very useful for people with underlying health conditions to ensure that the individual can track how long they have exercised for in a particular session to lower the change of risk.

Pedometers work by measuring tiny repetitive movements and have been specifically programmed to identify differences between driving in a car, riding on a bus or actually doing physical exercise such as running or walking and only tracking the necessary data. Furthermore, modern pedometers can be worn pretty much anywhere that is desired from being stored in a pocket, or strapped onto an arm for comfortability during a users training session.

This data is then stored and analysed in the fitness mobile app of choice used by the user.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Jane Gosling on How It Works: Pedometers...

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