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Have a look at this incredible slow-motion video of how the Apple Watch ejects water after being submerged.

When Apple announced it was making a smart watch, which is essentially a mini-iPhone you can wear on your wrist, it quickly rose to be one of the most wanted pieces of tech by millions of consumers around the world.

However, Apple didn't necessarily focus on waterproofing their high-end products prior to the time of the first-generation Apple Watch, even though Samsung had perfected waterproof technology in their phones for some time already. This left Apple's technology just slightly behind in terms of features, but that was all about to change.

As we know, usually when Apple releases something, whether it's a new iPhone, iMac computer, application or feature, it is usually incredibly good. The waterproofing system on the Apple Watch is no different.

The Apple Watch has actually got a water-ejecting system that works by playing a certain frequency out of the Apple Watch's speakers after being set to water-lock mode. It spins the main watch dial, which is loud and powerful enough to eject water out from the Apple Watch.

Take a look at the incredible slow-motion clip from the infamous YouTube channel, The Slow Mo Guys, on How The Apple Watch Ejects Water in Slow-Mo.

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