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Love it or hate it, the Apple Macbook touch bar is here to stay. Here is how to get the most of it.

Apple changed the looks and capabilities of their Macbook Pro's keyboard layout and features with the introduction of the Apple touch bar in 2016, and the public had mixed feelings about it.

In short, the Apple touch bar is an interactive and touch sensitive bar that lies above the Macbooks key's on the keyboard. It first of all replaces the volume, mute and pause and play buttons, as well as showing you what applications you have open, which you can expand and minimise by simply pushing the button without having to use your mouse.

But, of course, this is Apple we're talking about. There are many apps you can buy to add more features to your touch bar, and it is very customisable as well. One example is that you are able to show all your available emoji's on your touch bar so you can easily add them when using social media, and you can show all the tools available if you're working on design software as well.

If you want to learn how to fully customise your touch bar, here are some awesome tips and tricks on how to do so.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, DailyTekk, on Make Your Mac's Touch Bar EXTRA Worth It (Tips & Apps).

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