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The new Instagram Live Rooms feature allows for more participants in Live broadcast videos.

When Facebook and Instagram first launched the live video feature, it gave content creators a whole new dynamic to what was possible for engaging and connecting with their audiences. Soon thereafter, Instagram allowed users to connect to one other live streamer in a duo, which turned out to be highly popular.

In the latest news from Instagram, they have now confirmed that the will be launching a new feature called Instagram Live Rooms which allow users to add up to 3 more users during a live video stream.

What's more, content creators can even earn money with the new feature by allowing users to purchase badges for their live room video hosts, as well as make use of other Live Room features such as shopping and raising money in live fundraisers.

As for Live Room competitor apps to Instagram, which became popular from startup capital, are in potentially deep trouble. The one thing that set them apart from the huge social media giants was the fact that they allowed multiple users to join a live chat room, now that Instagram offers this, it's unclear what might happen to those other services.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on New Instagram "Live Rooms" Feature.

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