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If you ask LinkedIn what their fastest growing format is, they'll probably say video, which provides a more engaging medium for businesses, because everyone loves watching videos rather than reading a super long content piece. 

This is part of the reason why the social media platform for professionals has finally decided to launch its own video broadcasting service which they will call LinkedIn Live. The service is not available worldwide just yet, but with a beta version available to users in the States, and can also be accessed with an invite-only, according to TechCrunch.

It's still a bit unclear at this stage whether LinkedIn Live will be a service that will be made available to all the users on the platform, with the company initially viewing it as being applicable in particular situations.

It will work for events like conferences or expos where there are panel discussions, interviews or TED-esque talks which was the initial inspiration behind LinkedIn Live. Influencers are also said to be a target market for this video offering and in particular, those who MC big industry events.

Like much of the content available on LinkedIn, the focus for its video broadcasting tool will be designed specifically for business and those in the professional industry.

As for the user interface for LinkedIn Live it might be similar to what we've seen from other live broadcasting tools like Periscope and Facebook Live, with smartphones being the main device this service will operate via. There will also be a message bar at the bottom of the screen for live broadcasters and viewers to type in messages and replies, just like one can do on Instagram Live as well.

If video is indeed a fast-growing format for LinkedIn, it should be interesting to see how this latest offering affects the type of content featured on the platform moving forward. Who knows, users might be able to create their content with video rather than having to read tedious content. 

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