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This transforming robot, known as CanguRo, is a new robotic three-wheel mobility vehicle developed by Shunji Yamanaka and Takayuki Futura.

CanguRo takes its name from the Italian word for kangaroo, but this robot prefers to roll than hop. The reason for its creation is to fulfil two jobs: autonomous assistant and part self-driving mobility vehicle.

As an autonomous assistant, CanguRo can follow you around carrying heavy loads and, when your legs get tired and do not feel like walking anymore, a tap on the accompanying app will prompt the robot to transform into a mobility vehicle that will transport you to your destination at a gentle speed of 10km/h.

"As a partner robot, it never leaves the side of its master. It transforms into a vehicle that augments its master's physical functions and travels with the master as one. It is a machine lifeform produced from the latest robotics and AI technologies fused by product design," says Japan Trends.

Although it can drive autonomously using mapping and positioning data as well as image recognition technology, manual control is also possible with the rider to control the speed, with a throttle and the direction by leaning left or right.

CanguRo is still being developed and the team is currently working on giving the robot speech capabilities to offer the user a much more personal experience.

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