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Technology and science are driving innovation, and living robots are on their way.

Smart people have pushed the human race forward since the first person harnessed fire, built weapons to hunt and the wheel to travel. Nowadays, technology is always changing, and innovation is continually on the move.

But where would we be without robots? Just think about an industry like vehicle manufacturing, they have more than two million robots of all shapes and sizes that build our favourite cars.

But, robots are no longer made from just metal and plastic. With help from the field of science, robots nowadays are also made from organic materials, such as your own DNA. There are even tiny living-tissue robots that are made from the stem cells of frogs, and they can be programmed to do things.

It's early days still, but the technology to create living tissue robots is here, and it's only going to get better and better. To tell us more about it, YouTuber, Joe Scott, made a great video. You should watch it immediately, so press play and enjoy the show.

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