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Fashion Brands merging with tech companies on limited edition products is nothing new, but what has really grabbed our attention and the rest of the tech world for that matter is the new smartwatch that is being released by Louis Vuitton as this is no amalgamation of a joint venture with an existing tech company, they are doing this all on their own so you can be guaranteed that this watch will be 100% Louis Vuitton quality!

The Louis Vuitton smartwatch has taken inspiration from a dismantled kaleidoscope with its vibrant colours and beautiful patterns. The Tambour Horizon light-up features a ring of 24 illuminated motifs around the 1.2-inch ultra high definition AMOLED touchscreen.

The Louis Vuitton smartwatch will be compatible with iOS and Android, as well as most other day-to-day systems such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Car Play etc.

The expected price for the Louis Vuitton smartwatch will be around £2550

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Louis Vuitton Launches Ultra Luxury Smart Watch...

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