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Technology has a bright future ahead of it, and a new industry-insider reports that smart shoes will continue to grow through to the year 2022.

Smart shoes – the kind with a high-tech brain, not formal loafers – typically feature a Bluetooth-connected accessory (usually insoles) that link activity or location to a smartphone app.

Since the wearable bubble burst, intelligent footwear has taken its place, offering new and unique opportunities for everyone from athletes to couch potatoes. Nike has launched the Hyperadapt 1.0, which was the first real self-lacing shoes, in 2016. Last year Adidas invented a party-ready sneaker that shrugs off spilt beer and vomit (just in time for Oktoberfest).

That is where the Digitsole Smartshoe was born, with more than 500 Kickstarter backers, it is "the first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, and shock-absorbing sneaker" which came to life last year. 

It remains unclear exactly what impact the smart sneaker market will have in the fate of retail, athletics and childhood life lessons ( we will have to say goodbye to the bunny-ear method of tying shoes).

In the meantime, you can see the Digitsole Smartshoe in action, below!


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