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Simone Giertz takes on the challenge of creating a coffee table out of matches, which included setting 20,000 of them alight...

We love Simone Giertz. She is the mad scientist you'll fall in love with because she is willing to create amazingly insane inventions. In this video, she asks her fans to make suggestions for her next challenge. All they have to do is answer two simple questions; make X out of Y.

Eventually, she settles on the two suggestions; make a coffee table out of matches. Now, this may seem like an easy task, but many variables need to be taken into consideration. For instance, how do you get the matches into a uniform structure, what material do you use for the frame, and do you set them alight or not.

The latter seemed to be the easiest to answer. If you're Simone, then you definitely set them alight. This poses its own problem; if they burn, then how will it function as a table?

Well, thankfully, Simone and her team are smart. The solution to the structure is to use a metal mesh, slotting every match into each hole. The frame can be made from metal too so that it doesn't catch on fire, and a fire extinguisher will stop the flames before they burn off the tops of the matches.

Ultimately, this is probably the most fun way of making a coffee table, and one that looks great and is functional too. Find out how Simone went from zero ideas for her latest project to a piece of furniture that many people would pay good money for. The video is below, so why not press play right now to see how it was done.

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