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Amongst the whole library of household chores, mowing the lawn is by far one of the worst! It takes time, technique and physical labour, not to mention it usually costs you your ability to hear for the next couple of hours – and, probably, a lot of beers in the process...

However, what if there was a solution to this? There are actually many robotic and automatic lawn mowers available on the market today, but they are nowhere near perfect. They only work on incredibly flat surfaces and, if your grass is 2mm higher than the fibres of a pool table, it runs into problems!

What these two YouTubers did was take a run-of-the-mill lawnmower and a mobility scooter, merge them together and remotely control the concoction with the help of some RC and VR components.

What they ended up with was a lawnmower that can be precisely controlled with an RC remote control and a VR headset, so you can sit comfortably in the shade and operate the lawnmower from a distance.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, I Did A Thing, on I Made A Robot Lawn Mower Controlled By VR!

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