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Spot is the incredible robot dog made by Boston Dynamics and the tech is incredible.

Spot is the name given to the worlds most interactive and lifelike robot dog made by robotics engineering company Boston Dynamics and the technology is state of the art.

A lot of sceptics are concerned over the reasoning and purpose of such a robot and say that replacing a real-life dog is obscene and heartless, but they are not seeing the bigger picture, just because a robot dog is invented doesn't mean its purpose is to replace the real thing. In fact, the technology developed for "Spot" is state of the art artificial intelligence that may be used in other respects such as prosthetics and medical usage and other forms of advanced engineering industries that could lead to the benefit of the human race. It's essentially the same argument for space exploration and technology. If we didn't invest in space because we thought it was a waste of taxpayers money we wouldn't have the MRI, microwave, GPS systems, water purification systems and hundreds more!

So let's not complain but rather embrace poor "Spot" the incredible robot dog developed by the brilliant minds of Boston Dynamics.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Marques Brownlee on Spot the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog.

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